Trying to upgrade.

I finished work at 8pm this evening, looking forward to coming home and upgrading from Blog to website.

Oh, if only life were that straightforward. Sigh.

It’s now 22.39pm and I’m no further forward. this web building malarky’s going to take a bit of investigation!

I know I can find a coupon code before I commit to pay, but none of them work. Of course we all know what will happen if I go ahead and pay without the code. Yeah, as soon as I hit pay, a new code will become available. Am I being tight? Probably. But I don’t earn megabucks and need to save a few bob where I can.

(Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated)

I’m planning on going Premium as I want to add videos to my page at some point.

I’ve given up for the night though, and so, I’ll just write a little instead. Afterall, this is the point of it all.

So, a bit more about me perhaps.

I currently work on the social media team for a well known European airline. On Facebook and Twitter. It can be fun, and it can also be a total nightmare. It’s certainly diverse.

I also take staff travel calls. This involves airline staff and their families and friends calling in to make changes to current bookings. Changing their flights and adding hold bags mainly.

The stories I could tell! But not tonight. maybe after I’ve moved away and am at a safe distance!

I’ve recently completed a training course, which now sees me as a subject matter expert in persons with reduced mobility. For the purpose of special assistance at airports you understand.

Mainly, I enjoy my work, but still I feel unsettled here. I have to leave.

I hope I’m not boring you.

In my personal life, I have 3 grown up sons who I love very much obviously, but they all have their own lives now and I must get on with mine.

I’ve travelled extensively and loved every minute of it.

I’ve backpacked around China, Peru, New Zealand, Indonesia and Cambodia. I’ve lay on stunning beaches in Thailand and Sardinia, and been stoned in the street in Marrakesh.

(Stoned, as in I’ve had big stones thrown at me by a child who put his hand out for money after I’d given the rest of my currency to all the beggars in the streets and had no more to give. Not stoned on weed!)

I’ve walked the streets of Venice many times, and found my way around New York, but I’m an island girl at heart. Cities are a curiosity for a short visit but I much prefer open spaces and being close to the sea.

Over time I’ll share my experiences of my trips with some words of wisdom and some photos.

The world is full of adventure and I’m restless to get back in amongst it.

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Hi. Welcome to my world. I currently live on a small island on the west of Scotland and as soon as I pass my driving test, I'm uprooting and moving 2,000 miles to live on the much bigger island of Tenerifé in the Canary Islands off the north west coast of Africa. It's not a particularly scary adventure really as I've lived there before. But this time, it will be permanent. No coming back. I hope you'll follow my adventure here with me. I'm excited for it to begin. Pray for me please that I pass the driving test! I need your help.

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